Sarah’s short fiction has appeared in the following anthologies:

My Heart on my Sleeve, Honno, 2013

  • W H Smith Wales Book of the Month
  • Waterstones Wales Book of the Month
  • Welsh Books Council Book of the Month February 2013
‘But you know what, love?’ Gina’s voice is soft, as if it’s travelled a long way to reach me. ‘It was an odd and beautiful thing, whatever it was. And I’m glad we saw it.’

Loves lost, loves regained and loves that hide themselves away… fourteen stories, new and rediscovered, from the best of Welsh women’s writing.

Heartbroken and in need of mending or in the first flush of passion, there’s something here for everyone who’s ever worn their heart on their sleeve. Available from Honno

” … simple but beautiful idea by Sarah Jackman,” Janet Thomas

All Shall be Well, Honno, 2012

  • Wales Book of the Month, June 2012

Honno’s 25th anniversary anthology, brings together a wonderful and absorbing collection of writing by Welsh women taken from the fiction and non-fiction anthologies published by the press over the last quarter of a century.

Fiction writers such as Patricia Duncker, Sian James, Sarah Jackman and Jo Mazelis contribute tales of tangled relationships, discovery, loss and love, told with wit and compassion.

Speaking of the 25 pieces chosen for the anthology, editors Penny Thomas and Stephanie Tillotson said: “All the pieces here are characterised by skill, be that a skill in story-telling, or dexterity in language, rhetorical or aesthetic, a talent for drawing the reader into an experience, or an ability to create a sense of time or place.“

Many of these pieces respond to the changes that have taken place in women’s social and political experiences in Wales over the past century and a half. Honno has mapped an undoubted realignment of emphasis in what we choose to write about. The sense of lives half-lived has receded, powerlessness and poverty has diminished.  Our lives have changed beyond the recognition of our grandmothers, but though much has altered, much is still the same. Available from Honno

Safe World Gone, Honno, 2007

Honno’s most varied, surprising and memorable collection

This exciting, diverse anthology – including work by Patricia Dunker, Jenny Sullivan, Sarah Jackman, Jo Verity, Lara Clough and Ruth Joseph – is funny, shocking, angry and heartbreaking, but in all the stories the safe world was gone…

These stories all hinge on the turning point – the moment when everything changes. The moment someone said yes – or said no – reached out to another person, took the thing they most wanted, set off round the world. Available from Honno

International Short Story Magazine, World Wide Writers, 2000

‘A Girl Becomes‘ – “Her fluid, sensual descriptions have hints of Nabakov,” Mary Hogarth