Writer Sarah Jackman asks her characters the questions we all ask ourselves as we try to understand what is important to us and how we can get the best out of life.

Sarah is interested in the capacity of characters to look inwardly at their lives and to come to better self-knowledge and emotional awareness. She is fascinated by the fast-paced, constantly evolving, complex world we live in today which provides the settings for her fiction. She sets her characters the challenge to survive, thrive or perish when confronted by everyday pressures as well as life’s dramas of love, loss and death. Sometimes, sad, occasionally sinister, her thoughtful fiction remains hopeful and humane as she remains resolute about the strengths found within ourselves and drawn from the kindness of others.

Summer Circles by Sarah Jackman

Sometimes the only way to move forward in your life is to step away from what you know, and look further than the familiar. In this novel celebrating change, when new people enter the secluded lives of Ella and Hannah, they bring with them new challenges but new possibilities, too.

With her unusual appearance and shy nature, Hannah leads a sheltered, dream-like life with Ella, her mother in their family home set in the heart of the Fen countryside. But has their house become more of a burden than a solace, their lives confined not contented? When new people break the spell of their tight circle, Hannah and Ella find themselves confronting new experiences that bring surprising rewards. Read more …

‘A compelling tale’ Woman

Never Stop Looking by Sarah Jackman

Letting go is a lesson we all have to learn in life. For some, letting go of what has happened in the past feels almost impossible; for Abbie letting go of past love is the hardest thing she has ever had to do.

Six years after her husband disappeared without trace, Abbie Silvas is still obsessed with keeping Nick’s memory alive in the belief that he will return home. But as disturbing memories surface, it becomes harder to maintain the pretence that their marriage was the perfect union Abbie wants it to be. When a new neighbour moves into the flat upstairs, will his presence prove to be the catalyst for Abbie to face the truth? Will Abbie be able to finally let go, heal, and move on? Read more … 

‘Skillfully told in candid detail … the book delicately reveals the dedication of partners and the kindness of strangers’ CANDIS Book of the month

the other lover by sarah jackman

Is there an enemy in your life? Is it more likely to be your jealous best friend or a stranger who seems to know your secrets? Or perhaps like Laura who throws away a ‘perfect’ relationship, you might discover that that it is you; that you are your own worst enemy.

If Laura finds life with Adam in Brighton perfect, why would she suddenly throw it all up in the air for a relationship which none of her family and friends understand? Is Laura finally being true to herself or has she fallen under the influence of others? When things take a sinister turn, Laura has to draw on her own strengths to understand the truth about what it means to love another person. Read more …

‘…sophisticated and very good. It’s a sensitive tale of friendship, death and emotional need.’ Sarah Broadhurst, Bookseller

Laughing as they Chased usSometimes what you want isn’t what you need, or what is good for you. In this novel about facing up to real life, a group of friends live through a summer of false hopes, lost love and disappointment to discover what is important in life.

Six people find themselves drawn together during a sun-charged summer in a southern French city. With emotions heightened, misunderstandings and hasty reactions become inevitable and with such tangled connections, these actions hold consequences for them all. As each is compelled to reflect on recent events, they move closer to understanding what really matters to them. Read more …

‘Vivid writing… All these characters are carefully observed, real people… Read it and sigh for the transitory beauty of youth and first love.’  Timeout

my heart on my sleeve, sarah jackman, contributorSarah’s short fiction has appeared in the following anthologies:

My Heart on my Sleeve published by Honno in 2013. Buy here

All Shall be Well published by Honno in 2012.

Safe World Gone published by Honno in 2007. 

The International Short Story Magazine published by World Wide Writers in 2000

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