Summer Circles

‘A compelling tale’ Woman

‘Sarah’s characters are engaging and you just can’t help keep turning the pages’ Norwich Evening News

Summer Circles Book Cover

Three women share a love for the Ruland family home set in the heart of the Fen countryside, but over the long, hot summer days the idyll is in danger of collapsing under the weight of secrets.  With her unusual appearance and shy nature, Hannah leads a sheltered, dream-like life until her mother, Ella, is forced to face some demons. She becomes increasingly restless and disappears for hours making Hannah turn to a young stranger, Toby, for company.  Together, they befriend the Crop Circle followers who have set up camp next to a local wheat-field where mysterious patterns have appeared. Kirsten falls in love with Henry, Ella’s middle son, rediscovering a passion she has dreamed about since childhood. Longing to be accepted by the close-knit family, Kirsten unwittingly stirs up conflicting emotions and long-buried resentments.  Will Ella regain her peace? Will Kirsten win acceptance? Will Hannah break out from under the spell of her home?  As summer draws to a close, all three women have decisions to make and a confrontation seems inevitable.

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