Laughing as they Chased us

‘Vivid writing… All these characters are carefully observed, real people… Read it and sigh for the transitory beauty of youth and first love.’  Timeout

‘Sexy and heady’ Cosmopolitan

‘Sexy, emotional and astute… A well-observed first novel…which totally enchanted’     Bookseller

‘Super debut’  Daily Mirror

‘Her prose is clean and uncluttered and she knows how to keep the reader moving down the narrative path’ Daily Telegraph

Laughing as they Chased us

Frédérique, a gallery scout, discovers local artist Luc then falls in love with him; but Luc’s only interested in Cecillie, a young English woman new to his city whose passion echoes his own.

Frédérique’s fiancé isn’t ready to give up on her without a fight, while Blythe and Bryony, Cecillie’s friends and fellow Brits are a couple struggling against the differences which threaten to pull them apart.

During the sun-charged summer months the beat of the southern French city plays in the background of these tangled relationships where the actions of any individual has consequences for them all.

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